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Fishing Barrier reef 2010
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Pavarotti Sings

Pamela Moutzouris
 to Terry  Efstathis

Terry and Pamela

The wedding was celebrated at a lavish reception at the Brisbane Hilton, after a religious ceremony at St George Greek Orth. Church at West End, Brisbane.

 On a brilliant function held on the 5th of April,

Professor Manuel ARONIS received  the Prestigiouw Gold Kytherian Medal of Honour which was awarded to him by the Mayor and the councilors of the Shire of Kythera.
Representing the Mayor were two distinguished professors from Greece, Prog George Leontsinis and his wife, Professor Athanasia Glykofridi- Leonstini.
The function was organised bu the Kytherian Association of Australia.

Professor Manuel Aroney, AM, OBE,
Receiving the medal From Professor G. Leontsinis


Professor Aroney with Prof. G Leontsinis and Prof. Athanasia Glykofridi-Leontsini


The Gold Kytherian Medal of Hounour

Professor Aroney with John Prineas.
NPTE. Professor Aroney has published over 140 papers on Inorganic Chemistry.


The same function served a double purpose.
During the Evening, Young Kytherians who excelled in their HSC, with very high marks, were presented with certificates (and monetary) awards from the Estate of the late Nicholas Aroney.
The Nicholas Ariney awards are just a small proportion of the philanthropic donations which are made yearly in Memory and according to his last wishes.
A Great Kytherian.

Mick Bruce and John Prineas,
Winner and Runner up of Major Singles of South Coogee Bowling Club.

Jim Kanaris celebrating his 88th birthday with a huge family gathering.

Following photos
2nd International Symposium of Kytheraismos. 

Canberra Australia. 15th to 17th September 2006



After the Final session there was a reception at the Greek Embassy
On the left Prof G Leontsinis, with His Excellency George Zois
Ambassador for Greece, John Prineas and Paul Levantis.

Mr Howard with A Prineas, R Condoleon and K Samios.

Mr Howard and John Prineas.

At the Hellenic Club visiting Prof. Vasilis Lefteris
2nd International Symposium of Kytheraismos. Canberra Australia. 15th to 17th September 2006


Fishing at the Great Barrier Reef

John Prineas with a nice Coral Trout

The Fishing Group at Gladstone Council Chambers With Mayor Peter Corones

Here with N Nicolaou and J Prineas, is Professor George Kasimatis who travelled from Greece.

John and Manuel with Prof. (Turned fisherman) Kasimatis

N Pitas, E Comino G Kasimatis J Prineas and with George proudly displaying his Spangled Emperor.

E.Matsos, J Manalis,

P Fardoulis, L Poulos, N Nicolaou and N Pitas at the PORT dining table.

Prineas, Dr Louis, Dr Alexander, E Comona Prof. Kasimatis and B Casimatis


E Comino with the Doctors

The Folloing are variou photos of interest

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The photo on the Right at Kythera airport.

The girl with the huge basket (kofini) is my sister Matina Prinea now Komninou. I, as a 16yo am at the rear right holding the shotgun.

Taken Approx 1949 -1950

When you are in Kythera, as you leave and go through the Security Gate, look at the wall in front of you. You will see this enlarged E Sofios CarPostal.

The document on the right is very interesting.


It is a scan of the 1912 original manifest of migrants that arived from Greece on the steamship Themistocles.

The yellow is my father who was 18yo.

Also Available in High Resolution

Source: Statue of Liberty Foundation

With James Prineas and family

(Webmaster of Kythera Family Net)

James with his wife and two boys visited us at our summer house at Ettalong 3-4 years ago, when the Kythera.Family-net was still a dream.

We discussed the plans to build this website back then.

Tambakis, Feros, Comino, Prineas Samios and Linch at Mitata

With my old friend Steve Zervos
(Link to his website)

Kythera Greece

Prineas, Feros and Mageros at the House-warming party at Mageros Vani Estate.

Pelicans at the Entrance NSW

Mitata Wine Festival With John Tikis

Waves at

South Coogee

Coogee Beach







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